Cinco de Mayo!

Wyatt and the Easter Bunny

How was your Easter? I hope you made lots of fun memories with your friends, family, and little ones. Ours was terrific! It was a beautiful Spring day and we got together with family and had Easter brunch at a place on the water that had gorgeous views of NYC.  Wyatt met the Easter bunny for the very first time. I don't think he made much of an … [Continue Reading]

Photo (Liner) Finish!

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My new obsession lately are photo envelope liners. Have you seen these? I think they are a fun twist on the forever classic regular envelope liners. What a great way to add a little unexpected surprise for your friends and family! This one cracked me up:   Here is one that would be awesome for a wedding thank you note: This … [Continue Reading]


Wyatt and Mom

Goodmorning! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! What did you all do? We went up to some property we have on the lake and set up a tent and roasted some marshmallows with my sister-in-law and her family. We had gorgeous weather and it was the perfect day! Here's a pic of Wyatt and I in his new shades up at the lake: I'm an avid lover of … [Continue Reading]

Spring is Here!

Free Easter Printables collection from Paper Zoo!

Spring is finally here! Thank goodness! Talk about having cabin fever.... After having Wyatt in December and going through the worst winter we've had in a long time (14 snow storms!!) this gal is ready for some blue skies, spring breezes and blossoms in the trees.You know you can kiss those winter blues away when you start to see the crocuses … [Continue Reading]


Wyatt James Jefferson

Hello again! I have a BIG BIG announcement to make!!! There are alot of changes going on here at Sour Punch Studio and one of them is a NEW NAME! Sour Punch Studio will now officially become PAPER ZOO! I'm in the process of making the switch so be patient with me as everything gets changed over. What happened was I went to trademark my Sour Punch … [Continue Reading]

Fa la la la la!

Holiday Chalkboard Tags

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! James and I spent it up in northern Massachusettes in a town called Williamstown on the border of Vermont. It's such a beautiful area and we look forward to going every year.  We all of course ate way more than we should have but that's what Thanksgivings for right? One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving … [Continue Reading]

Gobble! Gobble!

Free "Giving Thanks" Printable set by Sour Punch Studio.

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again! Not that I’m complaining….. who doesn’t love the excuse to indulge a little? (Not to mention be in the company of your closest friends and family).  I’m already looking forward to tasting that all-day roasted turkey covered in gravy, that cranberry sauce and butter-drenched mashed […]

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Naomi’s Spa Party!

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It’s a gorgeous fall day here today and a warm 63 degrees outside. The wind is blowing the golden leaves around and it makes me want to have some cider or something.  I’ll have to get on that A dear customer of mine, Naomi, was throwing a spa party for her daughter and approached me […]

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Because it is Veteran’s Day I thought I would take the opportunity to thank all those that have served for us and have given their lives for our freedoms. My Grandpa Jack served in the army in WWII in Italy and my girlfriend Cathy also has two brothers serving, Santiago and Juan Pablo. Freedom is […]

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SPS featured on Kara’s Party Ideas!


Sour Punch Studio’s Superhero party was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas on October 19th!! I’m so excited! I hope it’s the first time of many more to come :)) Here’s the link to check it out for yourself:    

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